*The following rules and regulations must be adhered to by every vendor participating in the 51st Annual Zapata County Fair.
March 09-11, 2023


1. Vendor Booths:  

a. All vendor booth spaces will be assigned by Jaime Delgado.  

b. All vendors must pay booth no later than Friday, February 24, 2023. All vendors will be charged $1000.00 for any mobile trailer or booth (space is limited). $500.00 for 20x10 booth  space and $300.00 for 10x10 space inside pavilion. No refunds will be issued.

c. All vendors are required to maintain their booth space during the normal business hours of the fair. d. All vendors must provide their own materials and equipment (tables, tents, signs, etc.). Electricity is available. 

e. Vendors are required to list in the vendor application all items they intend to sell.

f. The ZCFA will have the right to permit only the sale of ONLY those items that have been
listed in the vendor application. Vendors who fail to comply with this provision will be asked
to leave the premises or discontinue the sale of items not listed in the Vendor Application.

g. All food vendors must comply with all applicable fire, safety, health, and other applicable
codes and regulations, and will be responsible for obtaining any necessary permits required
by any of the local government authorities in each venue where the fair will be held.

h. Vendors must sell from their booth only.

i. Vendors will have a maximum of 5 vendor bracelets per booth per day, to allow workers to
enter fairgrounds. If workers misplace vendor bracelets, they must purchase another bracelet. Failure to comply can result in ZCFA officials to ask vendor worker to leave the fair grounds.

j. All vendors must enter from designated vendor gate.


2. Alcoholic Beverages:

k. No vendor is permitted to sell alcoholic beverages. 


3. Loading and Unloading

I. No motor vehicles will be allowed to remain at the exhibit area for loading and unloading purposes. 

m. Unloading must be done by 5:00p.m. on Wednesday, March08, 2023.

n. Vendors are also responsible for the delivery, handling and removal of their own display and items being sold. 


4. Sanitation Requirements 

o. At all times during the ZCF vendors are required to maintain their booth and the area surrounding the booth in conformity with all applicable sanitary and health laws and regulations and shall also keep the booth and surrounding area neat, clean, and free of trash and debris.

p. ZCFA will provide trash bins for disposing of all trash and debris arising from its food preparation and sale, with such disposal to be conducted in accordance with directions given by the ZCFA.

q. Removal of all booth material is the sole responsibility of the vendor.

r. Vendors are responsible for their areas clean up after the event is over.


Event Image 

The Zapata County Fair is a community and family oriented event. Vendors are expected to honor and respect the spirit of the event and only display/exhibit items which are generally accepted at such an event. ZCFA reserves the right to deny any vendor application and/or take appropriate measures to ensure this image is up kept. 


Expulsion From Event

The Zapata County Fair Association reserves the right to expel any vendor from the fair for boisterous conduct, misrepresentation of display exhibits or items sold, illegal activity, or failure to obey vendor rules and or regulations. 


Violation of Rules and Regulations: 

Upon signing the vendor application, vendor agrees that no legal recourse can be taken if vendor violates any applicable ZCFA rules or regulations. 


Limitation of Liability: 

Neither Zapata County Fair, nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the vendor, its personnel or its property from any cause whatsoever, whether such injury, loss or damage arises out of contract or other claims. Under no circumstances will ZCFA be liable for lost profits or other incidental or consequential damages, whether or not the possibility of such lost profits or damages have been disclosed to ZCFA or could have been reasonably foreseen by the ZCFA, vendors shall obtain, at their own expense, adequate insurance to protect against any such injury, loss or damage. 


Liability Insurance: 

s. Vendors will be responsible for obtaining their own liability insurance for each venue in which they will be participating.

t. Each person setting up or disassembling a food/vendor booth, preparing food prior to or during the fair or working at a food booth must sign a WAIVER of LIABILITY, which will be distributed on the morning of Thursday, March 09, 2023.

u. Vendor must obtain the signatures of all such workers and deliver the WAIVER on the due date assigned by the ZCFA.

v. The sponsoring vendor shall indemnify and hold the ZCFA harmless from all claims which may be brought by its workers against the ZCFA, for which execution of the WAIVER would have been a defense against liability.




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